Deep Cleaning

Often, the regular weekly cleaning is not enough to maintain the ultimate cleanliness we like to have at home. What is more, most people are too busy to keep up with all their chores. This is when we would like to come in and offer you a simple solution. Our deep cleaning service is going to rid you of all dirt and grime in the places you do not usually pay attention to when cleaning. The thorough, deep cleaning of all areas in the house will help improve the hygiene and healthy environment at home. Also, if you get your house deep cleaned twice a year, it is less likely for it to become as dirty, as fast in the future.

If you need to have your house thoroughly cleaned, our company is happy to assist you! We are famous in London for our top quality deep cleaning services. Our company guarantees you will be happy with the final result as we work hard to assure every service goes smoothly from the booking process to the point when our cleaners leave your house. As a first priority, we always manage to deliver world-class deep cleaning service. Our employees are very friendly and are able to provide all the necessary information and answers in a timely manner.

All cleaners that perform the deep cleaning service are very experienced and professional. They know how to handle any issue and resolve it in the best way possible. Do not spend hours cleaning, scrubbing and dusting. You can leave all this to our professionals and go out with family or friends. We will take care of your whole house and leave it spotless, fresh and disinfected.

Dirt and grime are most noticeable in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Those two are perfect for the development of mold, mildew, bacteria and other microbes. When regularly cleaning you may reduce the amount of them but they are hard to get rid of. The cleaning techniques and solutions that our cleaners use will do just that. They will pay extra attention to certain areas of the house that collect more of those. All cleaners performing the deep cleaning service are provided with checklists that insure no areas will be missed:

Bathroom :

  • Cobwebs are removed from corners, ceilings and walls
  • All surfaces are dusted (including top of all cupboard, doors and countertops)
  • Windows and mirrors are cleaned and polished
  • The shower taps, head and hose are descaled and disinfected
  • The shower cabin is cleaned of hard water stains
  • Wash basin or bathtub are scrubbed, polished and disinfected
  • Drains are unclogged and cleaned
  • All tiled walls and surfaces are cleaned (soap scum and hard water stains removed)
  • The bathroom sink and its taps are descaled, polished and disinfected
  • The toilet and its seat are washed, scrubbed and disinfected
  • All cupboards and drawers are decluttered and washed inside and out
  • The bathroom floor is vacuumed and mopped
  • All rubbish is removed
  • The bathroom fan/vent/air filters – cleaned


  • Cobwebs are removed from corners, ceilings and walls
  • All surfaces are dusted (including the top of all cupboards and doors)
  • The windows are cleaned
  • All countertops are washed, degreased and disinfected (wooden, marble or tiled)
  • Stove top is scraped and degreased
  • Oven and fridge cleaned internally (upon request)
  • Kitchen sink and its taps are descaled, washed and disinfected
  • The drain is unclogged and cleaned
  • All kitchen appliances are cleaned on the outside
  • Kitchen chairs and table are polished and disinfected
  • All cupboards and drawers are decluttered and cleaned inside and out
  • All shelves and objects on them are dusted and polished
  • Rubbish is disposed of
  • Kitchen floor is vacuumed and mopped
  • Air filter, extractor and vents are cleaned.

Living room and bedroom:

  • Cobwebs are removed from corners, ceilings and walls.
  • All surfaces are dusted (including tops of cupboards,doors and framed pictures)
  • Windows and mirrors are washed
  • All upholstery and curtains are thoroughly vacuumed ( under and between cushions as well)
  • Carpets are thoroughly vacuumed (under and behind furniture as well)
  • House appliances are cleaned and disinfected
  • All remotes, light switches and door handles are disinfected
  • Bed linen is washed and changed
  • All blankets, cushions and others are cleaned as well.
  • Cupboards and drawers are decluttered and washed inside and out
  • Air filters and vents are cleaned
  • Rubbish is disposed of
  • Hard floors are vacuumed and mopped
  • Steam cleaning of carpets, upholstery and curtains (upon request)

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All products used in the process are biodegradable, eco-friendly, non-toxic and 100% safe for human health. We avoid using harsh chemicals and only turn to them when there is no other choice. All tools and equipment are high quality professional ones and will provide impeccable cleaning results. Rest assured that your house is in good hands. Our company has been on the market for many years. This contributes greatly to what we are today- a
company that is trustworthy and provides world-class services. Our technicians are very well-mannered and respect all of our customers. They always make sure to arrive at the property at the appointed time as we believe that this is how professionals should operate. Take advantage of our exclusive Deep Cleaning service. We guarantee your satisfaction and the ultimate cleanliness of all parts of your home. It is important to maintain good hygiene in
the house, especially if you have children, pets or both. The amount of dirt and dust that collects in places we do not notice may be very harmful. Not only will it make your home appear dirty but also cause a number of health issues such as – asthma, allergic reactions, breathing issues, skin irritations etc. We strongly suggest you consider the safety of your family first. Take advantage of our offer and receive the perfect cleaning solution for your home.

By choosing Happy Cleaner you can also benefit from:

  • Professional tools and products included in the price
  • Highly experienced professional cleaners
  • Flexible working hours for your convenience
  • Customer service 7 days a week
  • Affordable prices
  • Only eco-friendly and non-toxic products used
  • Free quote over the phone
  • All services and employees 100% insured

Whenever you feel like you need help with the cleaning chores at home, give us a call. We are able to provide all services 7 days a week for your convenience. The office agents will help you book a service and answer any questions you might have. Trust us on this one – cleaning is what we do best.

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