Oven Cleaning

Whenever the Spring Cleaning time comes, thorough cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom and
all areas of the house is required. However, many of us often miss essential parts of the
home that need to be covered as well. The cooking area in the kitchen needs to be
thoroughly degreased and sanitised. All cooking surfaces, counter tops, stove tops and last
but not least the oven.
Ovens are out of sight, out of mind kind of area. Most people skip the proper cleaning of the
oven in their house which often leads to many issues occurring. Some of those can be::

  • Burning smell or smoke coming out of your oven
  • Strange, burnt taste to your favourite meals
  • Slow working appliance/li>
  • Uneven distribution of the heat inside the oven
  • Unsanitary conditions in the kitchen
  • Fire hazard

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Since the oven is used on a daily basis and we cook all our food in it, there are usually food
spills baked on the bottom of it, carbonised grease covering its walls and door and other
food particles that can be found inside. We offer you the perfect solution. Our professional
oven cleaning service is going to rid you of all those and make your oven clean and fresh
just how it was when you first got it.
The process of oven cleaning is hard and time consuming and we understand that is
definitely not the favourite activity of many. Our professional cleaners however, are able to
perform this service in the best, most efficient way possible. The proper and regular cleaning
of your oven will improve not only the taste of your meals but also help you lead a healthier
As professionals, our main priority is to protect your interests and leave you satisfied with the
performance. That’s why we utilise our professional equipment and biodegradable cleaning
products. We work this way, simply because the commercial detergents are, in most of the
cases, inefficient against the stubborn grime.

We are able to clean all kinds of ovens:

  • Professional cookers
  • Double cookers
  • AGA
  • Microwaves
  • Barbeques
  • Convection ovens

Here is some information about the process itself:

  1. Our technicians will arrive and examine the oven. Depending on the type and
    condition of it, they will choose the best technique and products to use.
  2. They will dismantle your oven and take all removable parts from the inside and the
    stovetop and bring them outside. They will be cleaned in our vans in order to prevent
    any mess occurring in your home. All vans that we use for oven cleaning are
    equipped with special heated cleaning tanks. Cleaning products will be poured into the water in the tanks and this solution will be heated. The parts will be left to soak
  3. The inside of the oven is next. The technician will apply special cleaning paste to the
    inside of your oven, covering all walls, the top and bottom of it. This special paste is
    activated by heat and will be able to dissolve all stuck on dirt, carbonised grease and
    other grime that can be found on the inside of your oven. He will then turn the heat
    on and let it stay for a couple of hours.
  4. In the meantime the stovetop will be cleaned. All grease and baked on spills will be
    scraped with a special blade. The technician is able to do that efficiently, without
    scratching the surface of your appliance. The stovetop is then wiped, degreased and
  5. It is now time to remove the parts from the heated solution. The chemicals in the
    product help dissolve all grease and grime and leave them clean and shiny. When
    removed, any left dirt is cleaned, the parts are wiped, degreased and disinfected.
  6. The inside of the oven is now ready and the technician will use a special blade to
    remove all of it along with all the grease and dirt it dissolved. This will leave the
    surface clean and spotless. All burnt residue will be removed. The whole inside of
    your oven will be wiped and disinfected.
  7. When everything is done and all parts and areas of the oven are cleaned, degreased
    and disinfected, the technicians will reassemble them and your oven will be ready to
    be used.

All products that we use for the oven cleaning process are non-toxic, eco-friendly and absolutely safe for human health.

We are the ultimate providers of oven cleaning in the whole London area. You can trust us with your kitchen appliance – we will take perfect care of it. All our professional technicians have a lot of experience and are trained for the particular job they perform. They know how to approach any kind of stain and achieve perfect results every time. They will perform the task in a quick, efficient and professional manner.

We are confident in the results, because all of our cleaning techs have proved their abilities many times. They are people, rich in experience and passion for work. They will never leave your place, before they make sure everything is sparkling and functioning in a proper and safe way.

We suggest you clean your oven every 3-4 months. This, of course, depends on how often it Is being used. However, in order to avoid unpleasant smells, burning grease or other issues, it is important that we regularly clean our ovens. The sanitary conditions in your home will improve and you will be able to provide a hygienic and safe environment for your whole family. Give us a call if you need help with the cleaning of your oven. We will be there for

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