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Avoid the complications with the landlord, caused by leaving the property in a poor condition and benefit from our end of tenancy cleaning services, which we deliver in Eltham. Most of the people underestimate this aspect and some even decide to sanitise the ex rental property by themselves. The problems is that the final cleaning is not just a wiping and mopping, it is in-depth erasing of every trail of dirt and disinfection of all the surfaces.

We realise the full dimension of this type of cleaning and we comply with the high standards, set by letting agencies and landlords. The pristine results are achieved by our industrious and hard-working cleaning techs, who are in restless search of incredible. They welcome all of your needs and comply with your opinion.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Eltham

End Of Tenancy Cleaning ServicePrice
Studio Flat from £89
One Bedroom Property from £145
Two Bedroom Property from £165
Three Bedroom Property from £189

Since I knew my perceptions of cleanliness differed from the common ones, I booked an end of tenancy cleaning service. The cleaners who came brought the right equipment and deep cleaned the entire property in a couple of hours. I could not believe my eyes what they managed to achieve.

Flat 2, Elland House, 10 Copenhagen Place
London E14 7EZ

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Frequently Asked Questions by Our Customers

Who delivers the end of tenancy cleaning sessions?

The end of tenancy cleaning is performed by a team composed of qualified and ambitious cleaners. Each of them has undergone extensive training courses which help them develop the skills necessary for an efficient cleaning.

What is even more, we run a complete background check for each of them. The housekeepers who work at our company have rich experience in the cleaning field and know how to amaze our customers. They are trained to operate safely with advanced machinery and strong detergents. Besides, we can provide references from our happy customers.

How much will it cost to have your rented placed professionally cleaned by us?

We collaborate with each and every proprietor or tenant in order to customise an individual cleaning plan based on the requirements and, of course, budget of our customers. The total sum of our end of tenancy cleaning services is based on the number of rooms in the property and their condition.

For a estimate ahead of booking, you can get in touch with our call centre representatives at your leisure and share with them your requirements. There is nothing to worry about because our estimates are absolutely free!

Who provides the cleaning products?

To put our customers’ minds at ease, each and every one of our housekeepers brings their own cleaning equipment which is composed of environmentally friendly, safe cleaning products. Do not worry, all of the products we make us of are tested and proved to be efficient and safe.

They are hypo-allergenic, as well. Take comfort in knowing that we would never put your health at risk. Our products can also be used around domestic pets. If you want us to use your own equipment, just make sure to let us know prior visiting you.

To save you the troubles and investment in buying cleaning agents, we equipped all of our cleaners thoroughly with all the needed professional materials. We guarantee that the results will be wonderful and in case of any cleaning troubles, we are completely ready to re-do the problematic area at our expense.

Our guarantee is the best in this trade, since it is valid 48 hours after we finish with the task.

Don’t take our words for granted. Give us a chance to proof our skills by hiring the experts in the end of tenancy cleaning services in all Eltham.

The combination of our resilience and our qualitative work is the key to success. We take into account the importance of our results and we take our job very serious, since your deposit is depending on us.

Every job we undertake, we accomplish it with precision. Thanks to our cleaning experts, we manage to stand firmly behind our great reputation. Every time we clean, we proof why we are the best in this trade. Forget any possible hassle with us, because we always arrive, fully prepared with the plan. All nooks are attended with care, and kitchens and bathrooms are completely disinfected.

Get in touch with our non-stop customer care and learn more about us. Our end of tenancy cleaning services please the needs of residents in Eltham in a day and time, which best suits you. By calling us you must stay relaxed for the successful pass of the inventory inspection.

Breathtaking end of tenancy cleaning services in Eltham

Video: Testimonial from our customers

This is a testimonial of our client who had an end of tenancy cleaning service with us.

Eltham, SE9 Intro

This town in south-east London, which was a civil parish until 1889, today has a population of 88 thousand people. Eltham’s strategic location near a major route to the English Channel ports in Kent in the past contributed to the construction of the Eltham Palace, which is the most noteworthy landmark in the area today.

It came into existence as a French royal house and in 1154 was accessed by Henry II. Pay a visit to the Gardens, situated right next to the palace and you will be touched by the spirit of the past epochs. Another amazing cultural attraction is the Hope Theatre, named after Bib Hope, who prevented the closure of the theatre.

There is a huge amount of open green space here. Some of the local favourite parks are Oxleas woods, Avery Hill Park and Sutcliffe Park.

end of tenancyIt is notable to mention also The Tarn, which consists of landscaped gardens and a charming lake.

There are plenty of traditional pubs and restaurants in Eltham. The place is also very popular for its spirited nightlife.

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