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Cleaning up a property before moving out of it can be stressful. For those who have not given up on their deposit there is an easier solution to the answer. Our end of tenancy cleaning service are often provided to clients from all across London.

We come over, we do our magic, impress the landlord, and the client gets their deposit back. We also make sure that the next people who rent the place instantly fall in love with it, when they see it for the first time. That is our job as professionals in the Notting Hill field.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Notting Hill

End Of Tenancy Cleaning ServicePrice
Studio Flat from £89
One Bedroom Property from £145
Two Bedroom Property from £165
Three Bedroom Property from £189

Since I knew my perceptions of cleanliness differed from the common ones, I booked an end of tenancy cleaning service. The cleaners who came brought the right equipment and deep cleaned the entire property in a couple of hours. I could not believe my eyes what they managed to achieve.

Flat 2, Elland House, 10 Copenhagen Place
London E14 7EZ

020 3745 8168

Frequently Asked Questions by Our Customers

Who delivers the end of tenancy cleaning sessions?

The end of tenancy cleaning is performed by a team composed of qualified and ambitious cleaners. Each of them has undergone extensive training courses which help them develop the skills necessary for an efficient cleaning.

What is even more, we run a complete background check for each of them. The housekeepers who work at our company have rich experience in the cleaning field and know how to amaze our customers. They are trained to operate safely with advanced machinery and strong detergents. Besides, we can provide references from our happy customers.

How much will it cost to have your rented placed professionally cleaned by us?

We collaborate with each and every proprietor or tenant in order to customise an individual cleaning plan based on the requirements and, of course, budget of our customers. The total sum of our end of tenancy cleaning services is based on the number of rooms in the property and their condition.

For a estimate ahead of booking, you can get in touch with our call centre representatives at your leisure and share with them your requirements. There is nothing to worry about because our estimates are absolutely free!

Who provides the cleaning products?

To put our customers’ minds at ease, each and every one of our housekeepers brings their own cleaning equipment which is composed of environmentally friendly, safe cleaning products. Do not worry, all of the products we make us of are tested and proved to be efficient and safe.

They are hypo-allergenic, as well. Take comfort in knowing that we would never put your health at risk. Our products can also be used around domestic pets. If you want us to use your own equipment, just make sure to let us know prior visiting you.

The work begins as soon as we step inside the property. We quickly set up and start from one and gradually work to the other without skipping anything. We do a thorough cleaning up of every square inch. Everything must be up to the standards of the landlord.

The cleaning products which we use during the service are as effective as they are environmentally friendly and safe for people’s health. We are also using equipment which is completely professional and enhances our service’s quality.

In short, that’s how the end of tenancy cleaning service happens. But before that, the client will have to book their appointment, and if the person is a brand new client, they have to go through an introduction of the W11 field.

The client is thoroughly provided with the information that they need to know, and there are no details being left out. This is done so that the client is certain whether or not they actually want to hire the end of tenancy cleaning service.

Despite our carefulness while explaining, the client might still miss something. So if there is anything that a client wants to ask, we totally cheer them on. We have all the answers in the Notting Hill field that the client needs to know, and we like to avoid any possible mistake.

Before we arrive to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning service, we would require from the tenant to have at least gathered all of their personal belongings if they are not moved out yet. We don’t want there to be anything in our way while we clean.

We are successful at making moving out fun

Video: Testimonial from our customers

This is a testimonial of our client who had an end of tenancy cleaning service with us.

Notting Hill Intro

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